Saltimbocca alla Romana

When you think roman food, Saltimbocca should be one of the very first dishes that comes to mind. The simple flavours of both the veil and the prosciutto, drenched in butter and white wine are simply to die for!

Here is my take on the Roman Saltimbocca

8 thinly cut slices of veil
8 slices prosciutto
Flour to spread over a plate
Olive Oil ( 2 table spoons should be enough )
Butter ( Here again, 2 table spoons should be enough but I won’t judge if you ad more)
8 sage leaves
2 dl dry white wine
1dl chichen broth
salt and pepper to taste

  1. We are going to place one slice of prosciutto over each slice of veil and pound it with a meat pounder.
  2. Now heat olive oil in a large pan over a medium-high heat. We can now pat both sides of the veil in flower to for; a coat, shaking off any flour in excess. Now place them with the prosciutto side down in a pan and let them cook. Best is to turn them only once until they are browned on both sides.
  3. Drain the oil from the pan and now place the pan back onto the hob with butter. Let the butter melt to saute the sage for one minute.
  4. Next you are going to ad the white wine and scrape any bits loose from the bottom of the pan. Then we can ad the chicken broth with salt and pepper.
  5. We are going to place the veil back into the pan with the prosciutto side up and cook until the sauce is reduced by almost half and the scalloppine are warm through and through.
  6. You are ready! Serve 2 scalloppine per person and spoon the sauce over when serving.

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