Easy caramel sauce

I absolutely love caramel sauce. I love it on my desserts, I love it in my coffee, I love it on my ice creams and even on toasted bread. The name probably comes from the Latin Cannamella, which means sugar cane. Why? Because there is a crazy amount of sugar in a pot of caramel sauce!

I make the sauce about once a month – when the craving is high. My husband can just feel when I will need my delicious sugar rush and last week he came home with all the ingredients for my caramel sauce. Apparently I had been tense. He knows me too well.

I had a caramel milkshake yesterday and every morning I drink my coffee with a dash of cream and a teaspoon of caramel sauce. I would highly recommend waking up with a cup of coffee like this! Instant mood booster!

Making caramel sauce is actually pretty easy – just like almost anything else when it comes to cooking and since you only need three ingredients, Caramel is not very expensive to make. The trick is to know the perfect caramel colour… and this is something you will need to feel, smell and taste in order to learn.

This recipe will make you about 100ml of caramel sauce but I always triple the amount so i have a decent yield to use whenever and however I want.

How to make caramel sauce

  • 100 gr granular sugar
  • 30 gr butter
  • 60ml double cream
  1. It is very important you use granular sugar. You will not only want to use it because of its taste but also because other types of sugar will crystallise or burn when attempting this recipe.
  2. Don’t go for your smallest pot. It is important that the sugar heats up and melts evenly so it is safe to go with the biggest pan or pot you have so the sugar has a big surface to melt on.
  3. Have everything ready… when your sugar has melted you only have seconds to ad the cream and butter. This is why it is important you have everything measured and ready to use.
  4. Don’t start stirring until the sugar has melted. If you would stir it before, the chance is great that the sugar will crystallise.
  5. Remove the sauce from the fire the moment you have added all the ingredients and stirred them through. Yes, the sauce will look very thin but it will stiffen when it settles.

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