Carlo’s Kitchen

I discovered Carlo’s kitchen when I had a very early meeting in the Cervantes theater.
Although I try to be as organised as possible : I still always leave like a whirlwind, leaving stuff behind, forgetting important papers and of course : not having breakfast in the morning.

When I arrived at Union Street and my tummy started to rumble, I knew I had to eat and so it was a blessing in disguise that I read the time wrong and I was an hour early.

Enter Carlo’s Kitchen : the savior of my rumbling tummy and the reason why I was able to start the day happy and satisfied.

Okay, this  is not haute-cuisine and I would definitely not take a date here – or meet up with friends for a night out for that fact, but I did enjoy my breakfast. It was simple, it was tasty and I honestly did not feel cheated – a feeling I have a lot around London.

My conscience told me I should take the porridge ( trying to lose a few pounds for the summer ) but in the end I went for the full English. Everything was on point. The egg was not overcooked like in most eateries and the sausages were not too greasy… I even ate the beans!

The staff was very friendly and even when I decided to enjoy the last of my coffee after I finished, I never ever had the feeling they wanted me out to make room for new customers.

Overall I loved having breakfast at Carlo’s Kitchen. At first glance, it might not be the diner you were hoping for, but it definitely is the one you are looking for! I am definitely coming here again when I am in the neighborhood and in desperate need of some great grub!

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