5 best sushi restaurants in London

Finding great sushi in a city as big and as deprived of fish as London can be quite tricky. Fresh and good sushi will almost never ever come with a reasonable price tag and even then it might be hard to find good quality restaurants. Here is a small list of my favourite sushi restaurants in London.

Oliver Maki

Having been in the restaurant business myself and having lived in Honfleur, the french capital of fish and crustaceans, I am exceptionally picky when it comes to my seafood. When I first stepped into Oliver Maki, I was lured in by an empty stomach, an uncontrollable want for sushi and the many, many great pictures and reviews I had seen online. Was this restaurant set to disappoint or was it going to live up to its sky-high reputation? I bloody well hoped it would live up to the reviews for my love of sushi’s sake. I was impressed. I was impressed by the reasonable prices, I was impressed by the freshness of the fish, the creativity in both the sushi and the presentation of the rolls and by how incredibly attentive the waiting staff was. You could taste the attention to detail in the dressings and sauces and even my Husband – who is not a big fan of raw fish and thus went for the Braised Ribs had nothing but praise for his visit to Oliver Maki. We will definitely visit again next time my sushi-stomach awakens again.


As a foodie and a fan of fine dining, you absolutely have to try Sosharu… or that is what I was told one of the first times I mentioned to my London friends I would kill for some good sushi. This restaurant is to be found on – well, just about any ” Best Sushi in London” list and mine would definitely be missing out if I did not include Atherton’s restaurant. Yes, everything is perfect, the attention to detail is out of this world and this is generally one of the best sushi places I have ever been to – sorry Oliver Maki, but I do have to say that the prices are quite high – especially if you like to walk out of the restaurant feeling satisfied.


I discovered Uchi last year when one of my friends wanted to take me on one of those street art tours. I was quite enamoured with the paintings on the wall and all the different meanings and great famous street artists whose works are free to see for everyone, but it was Uchi that stole my heart. “Where are we going?” I had asked my friend. We were walking through a residential area and I was very sure we were completely lost. Uchi looks like you stepped into a Japanese Pinterest board. The interior is very minimal but instead of feeling hostile as these interiors often can, I was actually sad to leave because of the cozy and welcoming atmosphere this restaurant breathes. Oh and the food was great as well. The sushi was delicious and well presented but not as creative as the two restaurants named above. Overall I would definitely come back to this restaurant if I’m in Hackney. Next time I might take the veggie options as my friend seemed to absolutely love them.


If you are looking for an authentic Japanese experience you might want to try Yoshino. One of my colleagues heard about the seafood restaurant I owned in Honfleur and invited me and my husband to grab lunch in Yoshino. “Are we going to get mobbed?” I asked Jason, my friend when he took us off the beaten path into a nondescript little alleyway. “No, it’s here…” He pointed towards the front door of… well let’s say that when we stepped in, we were in Japan. Or that is what it felt like. We took a seat at the sushi counter and I loved absolutely everything I ordered. The Nasu Dengaku were to die for and some of the sushi – I would not be able to pronounce them for all the money in the world, just melted away on my tongue. This restaurant absolutely lives up to their philosophy of “Come in, sit down and let us feed you.” I felt like I died and went to sushi heaven!


Last but not least, we really need to talk about Zuma. If you are looking for a Wow-factor with every bite, Zuma might as well be the restaurant you are looking for. Their spinach with peanuts and sesame seeds is – although outrageously expensive like almost anything on the menu, enough to make me sit back in my dining chair and close my eyes to capture the moment the peanut breaks through the earthy taste of the green vegetable. Another thing I am ready to absolutely rave about that I had in Zuma was the sushi. ( hence, this is why Zuma is on the list) The seared salmon sushi is now one of my favourites and honestly, if I earned as much as the A-listers you see eating here, they would see me back every week.

Max Lami

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