3 Must Visit London Coffee Shops

One of the things I absolutely love about living in a city as big as London is that a great coffee is never more than a short walk away. I could tell you about all the amazing Chai Latté’s I have had in my new hometown so far or I can tell you about amazing lemon drizzle cakes and very cute – or even sturdy cats that hop on your lap when you’re reading. These are my top 5 best London coffee shops!

The Wren

When you find yourself in the area of Blackfriars and you are in dire need of a great dose of caffeine, you should try The Wren. This coffee shop is nestled inside St Nicholas Cole abbey and still breathes and lives the grandeur the old abbey must have exuded. Take place under one of the amazing stained glass windows and read your book while sipping your absolutely brilliantly made coffee. All the proceedings of The Wren go back into the abbey. Don’ forget to look up and admire the amazing boxed ceiling!

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Although I have to admit that I am 100% a dog person (My cat acts like a dog), I could not resist visiting Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. Although the coffee is not any better than anywhere else, I fully enjoyed the cats playing, snoozing and running around like maniacs! This was such a happy relief from – well, London, that I decided to go back the next week to see how my new BFF’s ( Best Feline Friends) were doing.

Change Please

Whenever I see a Change Please coffee cart, it just makes my day and I HAVE to buy a coffee. This has been one of my absolute favourite coffee ideas ever since I saw “Koffieklap” where they employ the ladies of the red light district to gain experience in the catering business, on my trip to Antwerp. Change Please employs homeless people to run their coffee stalls and not only invests their profits into helping the homeless around London, they also train people up to Barista’s, giving them a chance to get ahead in life. And honestly? Knowing I am helping the people around me really makes my coffee taste 1000 times better.

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